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Shotcrete Spraying is a method used to spray wet concrete onto steel reinforcement bars.  Its highly... Read MoreShotcrete

Pool Spraying

Pool Spraying

Solid hardwood floors are made of planks milled from a single piece of timber. Solid hardwood... Read MorePool Spraying

Basements & Capping Beams

Basements & Capping Beams

With Melbourne's construction boom now rising, basements and capping beams are in high demand. Most multi-story... Read MoreBasements & Capping Beams

Bridge  & Retaining Walls Spraying

Bridge & Retaining Walls Spraying

Bridge and retaining walls are widely used in government projects on freeways and in parks. We... Read MoreBridge & Retaining Walls Spraying

Experts in all things Shotcrete

Shotcreting requires a high level of skill and precision for a good quality finish and product. Poor workmanship often ends in costly delays and rectification for your project.

Trained Staff

Shotcreting is highly specialized and requires skilled concreters. All our staff have years of experience and do excellent work.

Man Power

No matter how big your project is, we have teams ready to take on your project. Please give us a call and we can discuss the size of crew needed.

Have a question?

We are available to chat on the phone and answer all your questions. We are encourage builders and owners to contact us.

Planning & Excecution

Depending on the size of the job will depend on the planning needed. We help all people involved in the project and work together will builders, home owners and contractors.

Clean Working Envirnoment

Shotcreting can get quite messy, and all staff are trained to be as neat as possible. We lways try and leave mess to a minimal.

Maintened Pump & Equipment

We regularly maintain all our equipment and keep it up to date and running smoothly, to ensure your project runs to plans.

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Who we are?

We are an established Shotcrete company with many years of experience. We are skilled in all things concrete and can complete your project to a high standard. We have crew that can spray pools, capping beams, retaining walls, walls, bridges and basement carparks.