Shotcrete Spraying is a method used to spray wet concrete onto steel reinforcement bars.

We service all forms of Shotcrete works in and around Victoria. We have a fully equipped truck and highly experienced detail shotcreters waiting to take on your project.

Its highly specialized form of concreting and requires a large concrete pump, with a pressurized hose.

We put an immense focus on providing the highest quality of Shotcreting finishes possible.  Unlike normal forming up of shutters and concrete, shotcrete is a lot more versatile. It has been increasing demand over other forms of concrete and a big hit when it comes to civil work, and basement construction systems

We are capable on taking all size work, so please give us a call we would love to take on your project.

Straight/Smooth Wall Basement Finish

Shotcrete Finisher in Melbourne

Soil Retention Job
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