Shotcrete is a wet or dry mix concrete that is pneumatically propelled at high velocity through a hose and nozzle, eliminating the need for traditional shaping. CIP concrete has certain benefits than shotcrete, notably in terms of reducing water ingress: superior structure to reduce voids. Visit: Pool Shotcrete Service Page Read MoreWhat is the difference between concrete and shotcrete?

Despite the fact that several dry-mix processes have functioned well when subjected to moderate freezing and thawing, dry-mix shotcrete is more susceptible to cold and thawing difficulties than wet-mix shotcrete. Visit: Pool Shotcrete Service Page. This is because it is difficult to enter the air and create a suitable air-void system in dry-mix shotcrete. Read MoreWhat are the disadvantages of shotcrete?

Concrete swimming pools can be constructed using the shotcrete process but these methods require skilled labour. This process gives a durable, beautiful and flexible pool that attracts high-end pool buyers. What is Shotcrete? Shotcrete is a process whereby mortar or concrete is sprayed using a machine that uses high velocity to drive the concrete to... Read MoreConcrete Pool Construction Using the Shotcrete Process