Concrete swimming pools can be constructed using the shotcrete process but these methods require skilled labour.

This process gives a durable, beautiful and flexible pool that attracts high-end pool buyers.

What is Shotcrete?

Shotcrete is a process whereby mortar or concrete is sprayed using a machine that uses high velocity to drive the concrete to reach a certain density level. 

The application can be done through the wet-mix or dry-mix procedures. Wet-mix cement is a process mostly referred to as shotcrete, while the dry mix is referred to as gunite. 

These terms may sound different but both wet-mix cement and gunite are shotcrete processes. Both of them will produce a strong pool provided proper techniques are appropriately applied.

Preparation of Concrete Pool Construction 

To be certain your pool will be structurally viable, engage a contractor who has tested for concrete placement for proper strength gain.

He or she must be conversant with the American Shotcrete Association that states wet-shotcrete must be water-tight and be between 4,000 to 8,000psi. 

The shotcrete process ensures that concrete gets stronger over time. With that in mind, your pool should not crack or leak for ages as it remains water-tight.

Assessment of Pool Location

The contractor should be able to assess your property and the desired place of the pool. Soil tests should be taken and be assured they can carry the weight of the pool.

If the soil cannot carry the weight of the pool, then it should be excavated. From there, it is replaced with engineered soil that can support the weight of the pool with structural retaining walls. 

The contractor should be able to determine the seasonal behaviour of the ground. But this should not worry you as concrete pools constructed through the shotcrete process can overcome all types of weather.

Aspects of Shotcrete Process 

Installation of the pool needs to follow all aspects of the shotcrete process which are, concrete, plumbing, steels, forms, soils and the chemistry around the entire process. 

Curing the concrete takes a maximum of 28days before the pool is filled with water. Curing is done through soaker hoses which spray the pool wall as it recycles the water.

Shotcrete Application

Measure and excavate the place you want your pool to be. Install plumbing followed by reinforcements like steel and rebar to the pool’s cage.

The thoroughly wet mixed concrete is delivered by a truck. Spray the concrete using the shotcrete method to encase the rebar. Compressed air is used to push the concrete through a hose at a high speed to bond where it’s applied.

The last step is to finish the shell and wait for the concrete to cure. Finalise the process by designing the pool according to your taste and wishes: At this point, you are good to go get those swimming costumes and dive right in.

Why Use Shotcrete?

Here the nozzleman should be skilled, however, they don’t need too much technical training compared to those working on gunite or concrete pools. With shotcrete, one doesn’t have to worry about the mixture ratios.

The time taken in shotcrete projects is less and besides the final results or coating are always strong and consistent.

Bottom Line

Always remember that once you begin to spray, you have to finish the process the same day. Doing this will be beneficial because it’ll help you avoid the formation of weak points in the concrete. The process should be done correctly for a high-quality, water-tight and lasting swimming pool. You are advised to always find certified experts to do the work.

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