What is Shotcrete?

What Is Shotcrete, When Was It Invented And What Is It Used For?

What type of concrete project do you have planned out right now? Perhaps you are wanting to build a pool . Concrete pool spraying can be used in the construction of pools and many other types of projects. It has been used to stabilize cliffs along roadways, and it has been used in the construction of walls and buildings in general. You will find many other examples, too, as you learn more about shotcrete.

Examples and pictures are one thing, but what exactly is shotcrete? For sure, you have already recognized that it has something to do with concrete. In one way it can be described as concrete that is sprayed out of a hose. There are dry and wet versions of the shotcrete available. When shotcrete is used, various types of reinforcement materials are used as well.

For example, a person working on a building might spray the shotcrete over wire mesh that has been welded together. This type of reinforcement is going to help fortify the shotcrete so to speak. Take a look at some of the pictures of swimming pools under construction using shotcrete. The procedure is very interesting. And you will want to know more about it if a swimming pool is a project that you have planned.



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