Brief History of Shotcrete

When shotcrete is sprayed, the force helps not only to place the concrete but also compact it immediately. If you don’t know much about shotcrete, you might be thinking that it hasn’t been around for that long. Well, it was actually invented in 1907. You might hear shotcrete referred to as gunite. Well, the sprayer when it was first invented was called a cement gun.

It wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that wet mix was used with the cement guns. That means that the dry mix was first and what was around when shotcrete was invented. A swimming pool is quite a big job, as is reinforcing a cliff. However, you might have the idea that the shotcrete is really only for smaller jobs. Yet the shotcrete can be used for big jobs indeed. In fact, the application process gets much more involved than just someone simply using a sprayer.

First, the sprayers can have hoppers that keep feeding them of course. Second, for even larger shotcrete jobs or projects, mechanical arms can even be used, which means everything can be done by remote control. Depending on the type of job you have planned, you can see that you need an experienced and highly skilled concrete contractor to do the work.

You need to know that when it comes to learning about shotcrete, gunite is technically only the dry mix. Even people in the industry have their words mixed up these days, especially if you are reading marketed pages on the Internet. Therefore, make sure that you have a contractor that can provide the right solutions for your concrete project. You want everything to look nice, and you need to know about the reinforcement materials, too, before the contractor gets started.

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