Spray On Concrete Resurfacing is a permanent, slip-resistant coating that is at least twice as hard as concrete when sprayed by a competent applicator. Spray On Concrete Resurfacing will not only look wonderful, but will also add value to your house, converting your restoration into an investment. Check Basements Capping Beams Service Info Read MoreIs spray on concrete good?

Cement and damp aggregate are combined in this procedure before being deposited in a mechanism that meters the mixture into a stream of compressed air. The compressed air transports the material through a delivery pipe to the nozzle, where water is supplied under pressure through a perforated ring. Check Basements Capping Beams Service Info Read MoreWhat is shotcreting explain dry mix process of shotcreting?

What is Shotcrete?

What Is Shotcrete, When Was It Invented And What Is It Used For? What type of concrete project do you have planned out right now? Perhaps you are wanting to build a pool . Concrete pool spraying can be used in the construction of pools and many other types of projects. It has been used to... Read MoreWhat is Shotcrete?