There are several ways to enhance the natural greyness of concrete structures that can be found at every turn. The most common solution is to finish with third-party materials or to paint the surfaces. But apart from the additional costs, such measures are incomparable with the service life of a loadbearing substrate: Over time, their... Read MoreConcrete colourant

Concrete swimming pools can be constructed using the shotcrete process but these methods require skilled labour. This process gives a durable, beautiful and flexible pool that attracts high-end pool buyers. What is Shotcrete? Shotcrete is a process whereby mortar or concrete is sprayed using a machine that uses high velocity to drive the concrete to... Read MoreConcrete Pool Construction Using the Shotcrete Process

What is Shotcrete?

What Is Shotcrete, When Was It Invented And What Is It Used For? What type of concrete project do you have planned out right now? Perhaps you are wanting to build a pool . Concrete pool spraying can be used in the construction of pools and many other types of projects. It has been used to... Read MoreWhat is Shotcrete?